How Do You Buy Kiln Bricks For Sale In Canada?

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Are you looking for kiln bricks for sale? Make sure you also look for refractory bricks or fire bricks as they are alternatively called. Whatever their name, they are typically manufactured or constructed from ceramic refractory material which is capable of withstanding very high temperatures, like those you would find in an active kiln firing. Kiln bricks aren’t always used for kilns though, as they might be also used to line the interior of a fireplace or furnace. They’re very effective as insulation material given the minimal heat loss that takes place, making them very energy-efficient as a construction material. Kiln bricks come in quite a few sizes and shapes, often available in both hard or soft materials.



As you shop for, you’ll likely notice they get categorized as either hard bricks or soft bricks. Do you know what the difference is? Hard bricks typically have dense strength and are frequently used for structural support. They can put up with extreme temperatures and a wide variety of atmospheric conditions. On the other hand, soft bricks aren’t as dense but make excellent insulators. They’re more likely to be seen in an electric kiln or any furnace or kiln that needs insulation.

You can find kiln bricks in numerous shapes. Having said that, the typical brick considered an industry standard measures 9 inches x 4 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches. There are also rectangular bricks that are now 9 inches x 4 1/2 inches x 3 inches that are proving to be popular, given that the extra half-inch on the last dimension improves energy efficiency and adds insulation.

If you’re looking for kiln bricks for sale in the nation of Canada, you roughly have four options you can check out for available refractory fire brick companies. The first is of course just visiting any construction supply or home improvement or hardware stores in your community. Something as specialized as kiln bricks will be hit or miss, but it’s often something they can order for you.



Alternatively, you can go online and order from wholesalers directly that ship a lot of kiln bricks to the location where you need them. Just make sure you balance your order quantity right. You might want some overage in case of accidents, breakage, and mistakes, but ordering too many wastes money and shipping.

A third option is finding a local craftsman who makes his own bricks and buying from him. Fourth, you might also check out used supplies that are no longer installed buy can be repurposed and are in good-enough condition to warrant new life in your own home or business.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to actually be in Canada to buy kiln bricks for sale in Canada, as you might be able to have them shipped to the country that you are currently in. You might do this because your local market is tapped out or has insufficient supplies, or just does not off the specific kind, type, or style of kiln brick that you are looking for. Just make sure that you fill out all the necessary documentation for such a shipment to cross international borders and that you’re prepared to pay customs fees and anything else involved in such commerce between countries.

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